What is a Thumper?

Bobo's Thumper is a new device that attracts bait fish, and several species of fish.

It works well year round, but winter time is when it works best.

When the fish are schooled up in deep water, the thump sound will call them closer to your boat, actually right under it, enabling you to catch more.

I know, we have been taught since we were kids to be quiet while fishing. This still holds true most of the time with most sounds. Hatches slamming, loud voices, hinges screeching, and other loud noises will definitely scare the fish away.

The thump sound is a continuous rhythm that actually attracts fish.

Bobo's Thumper has a controller that allows the user to set the speed that works best for them on their lake. It also has an adjustment to make the thump quieter or louder.

We have tested it on several lakes in Texas, and it works well on all of them.

I have several customers who love their Bobo's Thumper. It frees them to catch fish, help other anglers land their fish, or many other activities that require attention, and more than two hands.

Most of my customers claim it is a much more pleasant day, fishing, with less fatigue in their arms from banging with an oar or wooden stick.

Please take the time to check out the other pages to read about the history behind my thumper, some testimonials, and view a few pictures and videos.

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